Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fun run

easy 2007 Chicago Marathon participants. i am not drudging up that wicked past.

i have not been running much, but decided to go ahead and log the first race of "my" running season. despite being preregistered i almost skipped my local 5k for two reasons; under trained and the Giant looking oh so said and lonely in the garage.

top it all off with a hard 38 miles on the bike the previous day and a robust Greek dinner and a bottle of wine while movie watching and i was in full on sabotage mode.

the 5k distance didn't worry me. the speed needed to run a 5k did. sure, i could go out and take the run easy, but i rarely do that. i knew i would try to run it fast (for me) and that could put me and my IT Bands in harms way. nothing would have pissed me off more if i had to shut things down due to the 5k need for speed.

i managed my way through the race. it had a large turnout of 700 runners. i like to start near the front to avoid all the potential drama of running a race like this with large numbers. for the life of me i can't figure out why they let kids and others who clearly will be walking part of the run line up at the front.

anyway, i went out fast. way too fast, but i wanted to get ahead of pack drama. a teenage kid next to me went down when he was tripped from behind. maybe someone was trying to tell him something. at mile one my legs were good, but my Pastichio was sloshing from left to right in a pit of Red Guitar. good times.

i logged positive splits (that ain't good my cycling friends), but hit my goal of finishing under 24 minutes. official time was 23:27. this put me 114th out of 714 and 10th out of 50 in the 30 to 34 male age group. slower then last year, but faster then my first year.

i was pretty tight and sore on Monday, which had me running to the massage therapist. i highly recommend them to anyone who puts their body in spots of bothers like i do. i was back on the road running an easy 3.5 miles today.

next up is a couple 10Ks in early November. i would like to log another couple 5Ks too with one in October and another in late November. oh yeah, i need 107 more miles on the bike for 3000. totally going to knock that out soon. very soon. this weekend soon. anyone want to ride?

peace out.

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