Saturday, September 20, 2008

the good and the bad...

i rode my bike today. i rode it pretty well. i didn't have it, but i managed my way through the 67 miles and hung with the lead group. i found myself in a spot of bother once or twice that is for sure. mad thanks to Shider, ColorChange, and CyLowe for keeping me with the group that first loop. those boys were flying down the road and i was a wheel sucking king.

you know, it is easy to ride when everything is clicking. when the training, the legs, the bike and the weather all just come together. what fun is that though. i am cyclist and i enjoy a little suffering. i enjoy seeing how i respond to it. i really wanted to drop off the lead group on the second loop, but didn't. i kept thinking, just hold the wheel, take your pull, and get to the back. it hurt and i enjoyed every bit of it. man, i got issues.

i didn't have time for the full 100, but it was 67 miles at a 21 mph average.

Psimet did a great job organizing this ride. riding with the BFNIC Gang is always a blast.

this ride was the good. my self loathing was the bad. it is not me and i have been forbidden from attempting it ever again.

peace out.

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