Monday, September 08, 2008

that ride...

every year there is always one ride where it all seems to come together. you know, the weather conditions, the mind, the body, and the bike all just click together. i am not looking to prematurely end my season, but Saturday's ride was that ride.

i decided to be crazy, get up at 4:50 am, and head up North for the Spin Doctor's Saturday group ride. this is a well established club known for serious riding with speed. ColorChange, from BikeForums, is a memeber and does this ride every week. i was also meeting up with Psimet for the ride AND to pick up the my long awaited new wheel set.

i was out the door at 5:20 am and arrived at my destination in S. Elgin just prior to the stated 6:15 am roll out. the group was smaller (7 or 8 total) then i anticipated with Psimet and I being the only non members. we rolled out at 6:20 am.

i was told this ride is fast. a club training ride is a bit different then a normal Saturday stroll in the park. it is a bit hardcore with pacelines, designated sprints, attacking, bridging gaps, and so on. i was a bit nervous at first as i am a notorious slow starter. i held my on the first 20 miles. i took some pulls, short ones, but i did my part. i didn't want to blow up......too early.

around mile 18 we took a quick natural break. at this point they were stating that this was the fastest first leg they had done all year. interesting i thought. the two new guys must be doing something right.

after the stop the effort picked up. there was a designated sprint that i took no part in. i was not aware it was coming which left me positioned too far back. the next pull i took put me in a little pain. i pulled too long. in fact, just as i was getting ready to move over and back, the group flew around me on the left. lesson learned for me. get your arse off the front before blowing up.

i should note that during the second leg i had a brush with a motorist. i was left of the paceline working my way to the back after a pull. instantaneously, i hear car back and bet buzzed by a Mustang. he was flying down the road close to 50 or 60 mph. everyone else was pretty pissed about this. it was close, but it was so fast that it didn't really shake me up. later Psimet stated he thought he was going to have to make a call to my wife and that the driver actually swerved toward me.

back to that ride. i ended the ride strong. i was able to chase down a few attacks, grab a wheel or two of some attackers, and finish the ride out front with one other rider. i didn't have superhuman legs and the effort hurt like heck at times, but i rode well. plus, i had a ton-o- fun riding with this group. i even think i got yelled at?!?@!

as i rolled back into town with the attacker (my just made up nickname for him) he stated we were at 22.3 mph average for the ride. the fastest they had done that ride all year. the two new guys did indeed hold there own. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Final Stats show it was a very zesty effort for 50 miles at a 22 mph average pace.

lately i have been a mileage whore. i hit the wall at the end of July chasing 700 miles. i turned myself inside out getting that very number in August. it is very satisfying to see the benefits of those miles and efforts. for a bit there i was just stuck in the mud.


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