Monday, April 07, 2008

for the record....

......i like dogs. i even have a cute little doggie. remember, he is Eddie Vedder, the dog, and i love him.

i feel like these statements needed a public forum. why, you ask? cause someone thinks i don't like dogs.

i have logged five outside rides this season. i have encountered dogs on four of them. big dogs chasing me, jumping at me, darting in front of me, and even rubbing my rear wheel.

the two border collies (yes two dogs at the same time) were the scariest, until yesterday. it was a pit bull, cross bulldog, cross boxer that chased me. the fat little turd almost took me down as a cute little girl on a tricycle yelled, "Don't worry he wont hurt you." he actually brushed my back wheel as i sprinted off.


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