Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the run down........

last year at this time i was just getting ready for my first major cycling event, the BFNIC Spring Classic. i had only 3 rides under my belt, but was coming off a successful hilly half marathon and a winter filled with running. i had almost 270 running miles under my feet, which equalled some 40 hours of running.

this year is not last year.

the IT Band injury i sustained back in December basically shut me down, running wise. to date, i have 12 runs for 38 miles. the IT Band is 90% and i need to pick the running up as i am slated for the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race in late May. that being said, i have 5 outside rides so far and almost 30 hours of trainer time. i am finally feeling like i am getting back to a decent fitness level. we shall see if the all this tortuous trainer time was worth it when i roll out for the 2008 BFNIC Spring Classic next weekend. this years event is up in Wisconsin and will provided a much more difficult route then last year. especially difficult given it is so early in the cycling season and i don't see too many (or any) hills on my training rides.

movies. i have been watching movies. have you?

Underworld - 3 stars. blu ray. repeat. decent action flick. do they ever run out of bullets??

Dan In Real Life - 4 stars. blu ray. new to me. surprised me. not your normal romantic comedy. well worth a rental for sure.

Dreamgirls - 2 stars. blu ray. new to me. blah.

Man On Fire - 5 stars. blu ray. repeat. Best PQ and Sound i have experienced. great acting, story, & editing made this really enjoyable on my setup.

I Am Legend - 3 stars. blu ray. repeat. the movie could have been great. could have.

Rumor Has It - 2 stars. blu ray. new to me. cute girlie movie.

Superbad - 0 stars. blu ray. new to me. i didn't get it. i normally get this and enjoy this kind of stuff, but not this one. only made it 45 minutes into it.

I, Robot - 3.5 stars. blu ray. repeat. great PQ & Sound. CGI is good. story is good. Smith does well with this type of roll.


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