Tuesday, April 01, 2008

itch it.........

please mother nature. i really got me a scratch that needs some itching! stop hating on us cyclist!!

i got out for a rode ride this past Saturday. the sun was out, but it was not warm and it was not pleasant. the temp was 40ish, but with the stiff 15 mph wind out of the East it felt like 30ish.
PLUS, i did my best to sabotage the effort with a little Friday night movie night with the wife.

it was Dirty Dancing, the 20 Anniversary BluRay DVD. HER CHOICE. it is like her all time favorite movie. we watched it with the pop up trivia on. kind of like when VH1 use to do Pop Up videos where little boxes pop up (duh) with facts about this and that.

for example; did you know that Val Kilmer was the first choice to play Johnny Castle? he turned it down because he did not want a career type cast as a hunk. the next choice was Billy Zane ( the bad guy from Titanic), but he could not dance worth crap. then came Pat who was a classically trained dancer trying to get into acting. the rest is history. did i mention it was HER CHOICE?!@?!

i had to drink a bottle of wine to get through it.

back to the ride. i suffered. i was wiped out at mile 17. the last 10 miles was directly into the wind. it was cold. the legs were burning. i was suffering and i loved every minute of this 37 mile ride.


3:10 To Yuma -- 3 Stars. New To Me. BluRay. slow start. decent middle. crazy over the top end. Christian Bale carries the movie.

Da Vinci Code -- 2 Stars. New to Me. Standard DVD. for a long movie it really was blah. i mean take a freaking stand one way or the other. Hanks was poor. the leading lady was solid. whatever.

Oceans 13 -- 2 Stars. New to Me. BluRay. kind of a fun no brainer popcorn flick. kind of.

Dirty Dancing -- FIVE FREAKING STARS (i love you honey). Repeat. BluRay. the worst looking bluray i have ever seen. very poor PQ. but hey, it's dirty dancing.


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