Monday, April 21, 2008

take that..........

....giant quads. this weekend was Passover so that meant 7 hours of driving in a 24 hour time span to visit the in-laws.

we rolled home around 2:30pm on Sunday. it was beautiful out, 70, sunny, and light winds. we unpacked then the wife looked at me and said "Get Gone." i did.

the legs were slow and unresponsive from the start. so i punished them. i sprinted up every roller and into every headwind. when you ride out in the open plains even a light wind provides difficulty.

i thrashed the legs and ended with 40 miles at a 17.7 mph average pace. i stopped for 27 seconds (damn Sunday drivers). considering this was my 7th ride of the season i am very happy with the results.

peace out.

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