Wednesday, March 26, 2008

how many?

man, i have seen a lot of movies lately. can you blame me though, i have a movie theater in my basement!

anyway, the official movie marathon is over, but the movies roll on.

No Country For Old Men -- 4 Stars. New to Me. BluRay. everything in life can not be all neat and tidy. somethings are ugly. they start ugly and end ugly. great acting and a most excellent movie. outstanding picture quality as well.

The Bourne Identity -- 4 Stars. Repeat. HDDVD. who knew Matt Damon could pull this off? not me.

The Bourne Supremacy -- 4 Stars. Repeat. HDDVD. who knew he could do it twice? not me.

The Bourne Ultimatum -- 3 Stars. Repeat. HDDVD. best story and action of the three, BUT someone fell in love with the on the shoulder camera. it gets pretty annoying on a 119" screen.

Gone Baby Gone -- 1 Star. New to Me. BluRay. who knew ben affleck sucked such arse? well, i did. he directed this piece of crap. a movie trying to be complicated for the sake of being complicated. the subject matter is a toughie too. plus, i get it, Boston folks like using the "F" word.

in other news. winter is still here. my knee is better. my IT Band is better. i am only running once a week, which is why i am better and that bums me. i am logging some good hours on the trainer, but have not gotten into any intervals or fancy training. i would rather be riding outside and wish i could be running more. i am not on course for total domination of the 08 BFNIC cycling season and that too makes me sad. i think that sums up my Wednesday.


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