Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i see you.......

....spring and cycling season.

winter is coming to an end. it has been a blur for me. this is a good thing. this basement finishing / home theater project has taken over my life. i have been obsessing over it since November and while i still am, at least i am enjoying the benefits now. it really turned out most awesome and i can say that i am fully responsible for that!

i say the obsession was a good thing because this winter has been a toughie in the Midwest. i am glad i kept very busy. otherwise, this IT band injury would have been the end of me. i just cant run with any consistency.

i have been logging 3 to 4 hours a week on my trainer and knocking out some core workouts. i am a cyclist, but i love the added fitness level running brings me. i love the consistent 150 bpm heart rate that running yields. nothing like it.

my bike is in the "shop" getting its pre season tune up. i ran Sunday, besides a tight hammy it went well. this week will be kind of a recovery week, but i hope to get in one more run and some core work. i need to catch up on some sleep too.

wow, the above is seriously boring. :) come on spring, we need you to bring some excitement.


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