Wednesday, March 12, 2008

13 & 14

i don't want to give the wrong idea about my movie preference. i like all kinds of movies. from the Notebook to Saving Private Ryan to Pulp Fiction to Dumb and Dumber to Star Wars. so does the wife. we normally watch together. this week she is busy. thus, i am on a solo movie watching binge. i am trying to limit my choices to movies that she is not all that excited to see (new or repeat).

the second criteria is that i prefer the movie be in high definition (1080p = BluRay or HD DVD). some of the choices rank near the top of a so called "BluRay/HDDVD Reference Quality List" from AVSforums. the best picture and sound one can experience at home. i want to really see and test out my system with these choices.

ok, done with that.

13. Casino Royale - 1 Star. BluRay. picture quality was stunning. this aint your daddy's james bond. he looks like a UFC fighter. he bust thru drywall and gets his nuts busted. it's bloody & violent. the scenes are long. the movie is way too long. it's BAD. (N)

14. Spiderman 2 - 4 Stars. Blur Ray. my favorite of the three. great superhero movie. the picture quality was a bit disappointing. spotted some pixelation & had some audio dropouts. (R)

(5 star rating system. N=New to me / R=Repeat for me)

on the workout front, i did a core workout last night during Spidey. if i get my ride back soon, it will be trainer time the rest of the week. maybe even a little ride outside?!@?! if she stays locked up in the shop then running it shall be.


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