Sunday, March 16, 2008

15, 16, 17, & my knee

15. Spiderman 3. Three Stars. BluRay. Repeat. i love this series, but this one is my least favorite. needed more venom and less crying. PQ is grainy, but it is suppose to be.

16. Kill Bill II. Five Stars. Regular DVD. Repeat. one of my favorite movies of all time. it is violent and kung foo goofy, but that is the point. Micheal Madsen is brilliant.

17. Training Day. Four Stars. BluRay. Repeat. from the opening scene Washington is fantastic. PQ was very good.

the run came to an end last night. i had a stellar two weeks of movie watching though.

on to my knee. it has been a bit bothersome lately. the IT Band is better and the knee jumps up and smacks me in the face. i don't get it.

my first ride of the season was yesterday. twenty-four fabulous miles in 30 degree weather. i loved every minute of it, but it seems to have pissed off the knee. its very tight, just below the knee cap i get sharp pains when i squat. i know, don't squat.

why oh why must you still haunt me Chicago Marathon?

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