Friday, May 30, 2008

i love cycling.

i have this life long friend. he was doing some sprint tris and into mountain biking. late 2004 i got a mountain bike. it was hard. hard on the body. i had no skills, plus i was fat and angry..... i know, you know this, but hang in there.... June 2005 i got a Trek 1000 and got the bug. in 2006 i dropped 70 lbs. i got new the Giant TCR C2 in August 06. i rode over 2500 miles that year.

i thought this was my start. it was not.

last weekend, as we drove back from the Soldier Field 10 mile race, i am talking to my buddy of some 20 plus years about cycling......yes, the life long friend mentioned above.....i am trying to explain why i love riding my bike. i cant really do it in a manner that satisfies me. however, he seems to get it.

now i am trying to figure this out myself and it goes something like this:

me - "I never watched it on TV" .
him - "Sure we did. As kids we met up at my house and watched Lemond all the time."

oh yeah, i would ride my Schwinn Traveller racing bike over to his house to do just that.
i have always been a roadie. he has just been hiding inside me for some 20 years. :)

now you know.


ps: this is Double or Nothing Weekend. 5/31 = 62 very hilly miles in Wisconsin. 6/1 The Udder Century (100 miles). back to back hundos (100k and 100 miles). good times.

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