Thursday, May 22, 2008

who you crapping ?


who the heck thinks they can log 7 miles a week as prep for a 10 mile race? who are you? please post a comment on how you do this??

i will post my comment on Sunday, after i do just that.

ok, ok, ok, it is not like my non running days are spent watching Ellen and eating pure 70% dark chocolate bars. ok, ok, ok, some of my non running days are spent doing just that.

so, i have the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race this weekend. the finish is on the Bears 50 yard line. supposedly, the jumbo tron will be one and you can see yourself hit the finish line. cool!

sure i have under trained by "running standards" but i have logged some very aggressive miles on the bike. this summer is all about the bike. in fact, i have a big weekend of cycling coming up next weekend so, i will not let this put that in harms way.

i will do my best. i will attempt to finish in front of my two back-out-of-the-marathon buddies. that is just me. one of them is fast and one of them is me. i like the challenge.


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