Tuesday, October 21, 2008


not a bad number to end the season on. there could be one more (pretty please) ride, but if not i had a great year and that mileage represents a Personal Best by 500.

next up for me is some running. no, not running with my bike like this fool. i mean, look at his face, does it look like he is having fun?!@?! :)

anyway, i got one 5k race in the books and two 10ks coming up. the 10ks are back to back weekends. as i ramp up the running i find myself enjoying it. dont tell my cycling friends. it would be nice to get back to some 20 to 25 mile weeks by late November.

i dont want to get too crazy with the running though. if the IT Bands give me any issues i will shut it down. i got some serious training to get started with come the new year. you hear that Mr Lazy Goat???


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