Monday, October 13, 2008

i love it....

when a plan comes together.

not much going on with me lately. the work day is getting longer while the day light gets shorter. that means less riding for this roadie. the quantity is down, but the quality is up.

this past Saturday was the Local Bike Shop (LBS) group ride. now, this is the "B" group ride, but we normally finish with and average between 19 and 22 mph. not the entire group, but four or five of us will shoot off the front and have a little fun.

this past effort was interesting. it was a little brisk at the start and maybe that scared off some of the skinny fast dudes. around mile 8ish i was lounging in the back not really feeling it. i even had a couple riders ask me if i was lost and why was i at the back? then i get another cue when some takes off the front.

three of us road off the front for a couple miles before easing up and back into the group. in all honesty i was feeling a bit under the weather and even mentioned that to the other two. at mile 16 we go off again. this time four of us are chasing down a rider up ahead. you know, the rabbit. the pace is being pushed by mr tri guy and is every bit of 25 mph. apparently catching the rabbit was the goal. we did just that then everyone, but me and the rabbit, went snap, crackle, pop.

turns out the rabbit was a normal participant of the same LBS's "A" group ride, but got a late start to his morning and missed that group. we cruised for 8 miles together before parting ways. side by side at a decent pace for me. for him, he was chatting away like it was a stroll in the park. i think he just wanted some company so he tolerated my slowness.

i rolled into the parking lot first. i got some odd looks and questions when the rest of the lead pack finished up.

"so, you feeling better?"
"can i have your autograph?"
"hey a-hole i thought you were sick?"

yep, with this group, i am that guy.

the ride was 38 miles. that very 38 miles put me over the top. i am now a very pround member of the 3000 club (3018 and counting!! )

peace out yo.

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