Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Falling Fast

the cycling season is coming to an end (for me at least). we have had a couple of super nice Fall days recently and many BF'ers have been out enjoying them. me not so much. my lack of late season great weather enjoyment resulted in some Fall Envy. this ride, report and pictures resulted.

everyone has been out enjoying the great Fall weather, taking pictures, and posting their ride stories to BF. it has been pissing me off. i have been sick and working like a dog for the man. yet, i keep seeing these great pictorials of scenic rolling landscapes and Fall foliage.

today i attempt to balance out the equation. i am feeling better, the weather is decent for the Midwest in October at 60 degrees, sunny & 5 mph winds. so, like any hard working middle class American i skip out on work. well, i go to lunch and never come back.

this was the result.


some trees

a horse

farm stuff

my riding partner

the fred shot

peace out yo.

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