Thursday, March 03, 2005

The World Needs Anna Nicole Smith?

What would I do if there were no celebrities in the world? Who would entertain me with their shenanigans? Real people lusting for stardom can only entertain me for so long. I need once famous fake people struggling for a second 15 minutes to make me laugh on Reality off days. For example Anna's recent TV appearance is highly entertaining. I think I liked Really FAT Anna better then this new Trimspa version. Who knew she was such a BIG fan of MTV Australia??

Workout Stats: 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals, then crunches, situps, and other ab stuff. I am getting bored with this routine. I think it is winter bringing me down. I just wish old man winter would let me go and get lost. Temps are back down in the 20 to 30 range AND I hate it. If it could just hit say 43 degrees I could take the mountain bike for a spin. Winter be gone with yourself already.

Oh, the Fighting Illini, still undefeated and number one, are back tonight after eight days off. This game tonight has me worried. Dee Brown was on the cover of SI, which everyone knows normally leads to bad luck. Purdue Coach Keady is Bruce Weber's old mentor and is retiring after this year. I am sure he would love to beat Illinois just one more time! The game is at 9pm eastern on ESPN2.

So, I got Survivor, Illini, & ER on my TiVo To Do List. What about you?

I am out. Later.

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