Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Amazing Race is Amazing TV....

Tonights leg of The Amazing Race 7 was awesome. Rob is my guy and I want him on the show until the end. Everyone wants to beat Rob and Amber (Romber) but he is still charming enough to convince two other teams to quit a Road Block for a 4 hour penalty. There is more to Rob then the editors are showing us. He clearly is a smart guy and a likealbe guy. Unless you are an over-the-top flaming gay guy. What is up with that hate?

The Girl Team that was eliminated tonight was a very strong team. Perhaps the strongest all female team I have seen on TAR. However, they fell prey to an old female nemesis, Directions! Don't be made at me. I know how to read a map.

American Idol was average. I think Scott (white Ruben), Constantine, and Lindsey are the bottom three. Bo and Nikko were my favorites. I watched the show in Hi Def and it looked great. This means I had to watch commercials and all I got to say about that is; "Put the Lime in the Coke, You Nut and Drink it all Down."

Workout Stats: NONE. My knee hurts and I want my mommy. Really it does hurt. With March Madness starting Thursday I have a lot of couch, chip, pizza, pop AND beer time coming up. In fact it will be four days of that. So, I plan to hit the trail tomorrow for at least a 10 mile mountain bike ride. It will be cold but I can DO IT.


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