Monday, March 07, 2005

The Next Great Human Drama: The Contender

I have been looking forward to Mark Burnett's latest Reality Show since the first preview aired. This show has been delayed and pushed back since last fall, but finally starts tonight. Who knows if it will be any good, but I will be there tonight at 8:30 for its 90 minute debut. Well, I aint that excited that I would watch commercials and with TiVo I don't have too. Heck, now that I think about it I may watch it tomorrow after I get home from work. Either way you will be the first to know my opinion of The Contender.

Workout Stats: I only lifted today and hit biceps & triceps. My legs are sore from my Non-Epic Ride yesterday. My right hammy is especially tight?? Many riders across the Midwest were out in force on their bikes yesterday. The weather was awesome. I put in one hour for 10 miles and felt good about it. Some people did a bit more. Check out Jeff Kerkove he rode a bit yesterday too. Jeff's blog says he is an Endurance Mountain Bike Racer. That is an understatement!

This just in the Fighting Illini are still number one! Duh, they have only lost like one game. That game was by one point on the road against a good team that because of imposed penalties viewed the game as its National Championship. I know all the other top 25 teams with one loss are upset that the Illini are still ranked number one. Oh wait, there aint none.

OK, I am off to catch up on some TiVo. I have several ERs, Alias, a Wife Swap, a That 70s Show, and some Jessica & Ashlee stuff....."Why do I keep admitting to that!!"

I am out. Later.

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