Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mario Vasquez Likes Hats??

No, I mean he likes dudes in cute hats? Cute Guys in hats? Alright, I mean the internet world thinks he is gay! Yes the Fez look-a-like from American Idol 4 has quit the final 12. Story goes that his actions are for personal reasons. Personal reasons he says?? Rumors are storming through the internet because Mario Vasquez was the front runner for American Idol 4. Did he get enough exposure and just want out of that ball and chain AI top 12 contract? OR the more fun internet rumor that he is gay and has a gay porn magazine spread floating around somewhere, which he fears will "pop" up? You can hide your sexuality from your family, but never from the INTERNET!

I almost forgot about my new favorite show, The Contender. Are you bloggers tuning in like I asked you too? The numbers show you are not. This is such a great "Reality" show and I hope they don't cancel it. The 3rd episode this past Sunday was good. We finally had Ishi Smith shut up and put up. With one vicious body shot he took the fight right out of Baby Face Ahmed. Ishi fought smart and looked great. Tune in people this Sunday after you finish up with March Madness. DO IT!

I am on vaca this week doing absolutely nothing. Just had some time that I needed to take or lose. This means more blogs for you. Out. Later.

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