Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who Wants Some?

i am really enjoying The Cleansing 2006 version 1.0, and with that today's number is 229 lbs !!! using fitday.com is really keeping my calories in check. plus, the wife is hitting the weight watchers program and we are actually helping and motivating each other, i think. i have not had a ton of time to work out. see, the gym is too far away, i got a promotion which means more work, and i got this little bundle of joyness, baby j. amazing thing is i have discovered that consuming less calories then i burn is easy. i am a big dude and most charts have me burning like 3000 calories just being me. i am targeting around 2000 to 2300 for my daily consumption. i did manage 2 miles in 30 minutes last nite on the home treadmill. so far i have cleansed 7 lbs and i feel good.

to totally flip it for real i would like to remind the world that kobe bryant is an admitted adulterer and alleged rapist. just cause he put up 81 pts doesn't change those facts. lets not run to recrown him the NBA King. i don't care if he puts up 181 pts i wouldn't want my kids idealizing him. the parents should be a kids hero, but we all know the sports superstars seem to get this role more than not. hopefully the kids can find a better sports hero. i am out. later.

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