Saturday, January 07, 2006

Solid Start........

to my cleansing. i resisted evil office temptations such as delicious fudge chocolate chip muffins and ate well all week. basically it is two breakfast cereal bars around 6am. my filled up coffee mug on the way to work. then two more cups of coffee while at work. then lunch, consisting of two ham sandwiches from home and yogurt or soup and salad when we eat out. several afternoon cups of water and one green tea. dinner consist of something with boneless skinless chicken breast. then i go to bed hungry. its all for the good of the cleansing. i needed a week like this.

not much working out. about 4 miles of walking and some sit ups. i plan to put in 2 miles of walking today. despite that i am already feeling much better then i did on new years day.

my bike obsession is still around, if you were wondering. i have decided to do some upgrading to my 05 trek 1000. the parts are flying in as i type. i have found some nice deals on shimano 105 components. i will be upgrading to a 9 speed and changing out my brifters, rear derailleur, and front derailleur to shimano 105 versions. the black ones! the cassette will be a new ultegra 9 speed and the chain is a sram pc 991. finally i am putting on a shorter stem for a better ride fit and picked up a used easton ea70 off eBay. i love eBay. now, i know nothing about bike mechanics, but i got a bike repair stand and basic tool kit to get me started.

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