Thursday, January 19, 2006

Holy Crap.......

just took some Biggest Loser Style pictures of myself and they confirmed that i am a heavy dude. why take the pics? so i can post them in 6 months when i have dropped like 60 freakin pounds. yeah baby just like on TV. or something like that.

anywho, i have been messing around with and think its the tool for me and my calorie counting. i normally do great until dinner time and then BAM double my calories for the day. what up with that? another great site that i have blogged before is check them out. the link to is actually my daily chart.

it was around 50 degrees today in the WINDY City. i went for a quick road ride after work. managed 13 miles at 15 mph average in 50 minutes. did i mention the wind? going out it was a nice cold 20 mph avg sustained right in my pie hole. riding into the wind is totally hard.

i am soo behind on my reality TV that i have not even started American Idol yet. i did finally watch The Shield season premier and it was off the hook cool and the gang. best show on the boob tube. i am out. later.

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