Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Everything is so damn burnt...........

The entire state of Illinois is burnt. The Chicago area is around 7 inches short for precipitation in 2005. The last time it significantly rained in my neighbor was that damn rain, wind, and hail storm of May 19th. The damn continued heat and burnt everything is kinda of depressing. I think I may be getting Cabin Fever, but the Summer Version?? Is that possible? I know I have the Electric Bill Blues as our A/C has been running nonstop since May.

Despite all that I did ride today. It cooled down to 86 degrees today so I hit the road on my 05 Trek 1000. Riding into the wind solo is a bitch. I managed 11.5 miles in 45 minutes with an avg speed of 15 mph and max of 21 mph. According to CaloriesPerHour.Com I burnt up 782 calories during my ride. Lance Armstrong and the boys of Le Tour burn up 5000 calories or more during a mountain stage. I got some work to do.

My lower back is still flaring up on me and has since I started my road bike career back on June 25th. I am still tweaking the bike to get the fit right, but think my main problem is a weak core. The road bike position is much tougher on the bike and I need to work on my back flexibility and abs. Yep, the beer belly is fucking up my back on the road bike! Later.

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