Sunday, April 01, 2007

Go, No Go.............

Passed on riding in some challenging conditions today and I am now bummed. Weather and work for the upcoming week will leave me with NO time for cycling. I should have went out this morning full blast into that 25 mph wind!!!

That being said, I did log 6 miles running. Sported some new sneaks, Mizuno Wave Creation 7s. I picked the shoes up yesterday from a local Dick Pond store. While they told me nothing I didn't already know about my feet, running style, and type of shoe needed. I did get to test run 6 different pairs before pulling the trigger.

Back to the run. It was my best run in a while. I guess since the half marahon on 3/18. Shoes were good, body was good and mind was good. It felt satisfying to have a solid longer effort. One my outburst.....I just wish I was riding more. Come on Summer!!!!!!!!


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