Saturday, April 28, 2007

I See The Sun........

I finally managed to get all 15 running miles in this week and before the weekend! See my goal is to maintain some type of running form by logging 15 miles a week. I hope to accomplish this with 3 running days. The rest of the week, well really just weekend, will be dedicated to cycling. This will go on for a couple of months while I prepare for two or three challenging cycling events. Sometime around July I will need to switch it up and start thinking about the Marathon!

Where was I? Oh yeah, running was good this week. Knocked out 7 miles yesterday to get my 15. This morning it was up and out the door on the road bike. Man I love riding early in the morning. The Sun was out with the temp around 50ish when I left and 60ish when I got back. I went for a new route and ended up taking a wrong turn around mile 20 that put me back on my old route? Crazy how that worked out. Anyway, this new route has some potential with some nice rolling tree lined roads along the Fox River.

I was surprised how well my legs reacted after Fridays running efforts. They really wanted to go, so we went. My fifth ride of the season produced and average speed just over 18 mph. This number and myself didn't cross paths last season until late August. It is going to be a fun season.

The Stats: 45.06 miles, 2:29:44 time, 18.1 mph avg with 27.3 max, 129 avg HR with a 158 max, & 81 rpm avg with a 110 max.

Tomorrow the plan is for another early morning ride of 40 to 50 miles. Next Sunday will be my first Organized Century of the year. Just a ho-hum 100 miles in one day. Good times.


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