Saturday, May 05, 2007


This week was a toughie at work. In fact, work seems like it will be a toughie for me for a while. Good think cycling season is about to blast off!!!

Only two runs this week for 10 miles. The legs have been feeling tired. Plus, I have this weird left knee and leg pain thing going on???? With a 100 mile bike ride slated for Sunday, yes tomorrow, I thought it was best to tone it down a bit.

I went out for a nice 25 miler today and tried to spin the legs loose. I think I did and I think it helped. The ride tomorrow is the Joliet Sudden Century. It will be a lovely 100 mile ride on mostly flat country roads. With a projected WINDY Day of 20 mph ESE wnds my NINTH ride should result in massive suffering. I can't wait.


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