Friday, May 25, 2007

Something Different......

INTERVALS!! I have a significant HILLY ride coming up in mid June. I am talking about over 12,000 feet of climbing and 124 miles. I live and mainly ride in a giant corn field. This makes hill training difficult. Or is that impossible.

So, I feel like I have a decent cycling base built up and decided to try some intervals this morning. This is new to me, but I went for ONE minute all out efforts followed by THREE minutes of ride recovery REPEATED Five times. The route was flat with little wind.

INTERVALS = (1 min all out with 3 min recovery) x 5.

Warm Up=13:41 / 3.75mi

1= .43mi 25.8mph 162/197 HR
2= .47mi 28.2mph 146/174
3= .39mi 23.6mph 146/161
4= .44mi 26.5mph 152/170
5= .43mi 25.7mph 156/170

cool down/home=34:27 / 9.21mi

total ride was 19.47 miles in 1:07:52.

Some thoughts.....I need more warm up time and less cool down time. My HR numbers show that on efforts 2 thru 5 I had more to give. I hit a new max HR at 197 bpm. It really hurt and for at least a minute at a time I can be pretty fast.

That is all. Later.

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