Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Chicago Bears Land A Playmaker

The Bears have gone out and got them a big time playmaker! The have agreed to sign Muhsin Muhammad, former wide receiver of the Panthers. He was cut Friday by the Panthers. This guy quietly had a HUGE 2004 season and could be considered one of the top five receivers in the NFL. He had 93 grabs for 1400 yards and 16 touchdowns last year. Now, he has a history of getting injured but, the Bears badly needed a playmaker at the wideout spot. Nice move by the Bears. Now go get someone to throw the ball to him. Anyone know of a good Chicago Bears Blog to frequent?

Workout Stats; ONE hour on the Spin Cycle at the YMCA with 10 intervals ranging from a one to two minutes. The last ten was cool down, so I hit it real hard for 50 minutes. Now that is what I am talkin about. My wife told me she would give me dollar if I did an hour! Well I got paid!

My good buddy wants me to do the Trail Shark Off-Road Triathlon with him this year. It is a Sprint, which is 500 yd swim/ 9 mile MTB ride / 5k run. Last year was his first and he finished 50th out of 200. He is a machine who last year started running, biking, and swimming like a mad man. He kinda motivated me to start getting healthy last October. The timing of the event is bad and the swim scares me. However, I am thinking about it.

More later, Maybe, Maybe Not. Out. Later.

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