Monday, February 28, 2005

I got Paris Hilton on the brain?

I just can't let this Paris Hilton chick go?? Check this out, she has a new boyfriend and his name is Paris! WTF? That has to be the dumbest thing she has done yet. Next, Fred Durst has issued a statement on his recent pornographic movie debut. It appears he believes the entire incident will make America a safer place. I say, "Brilliant and Fred Durst for President 2008!" Really, the guy seems like a major league assclown.

Hey, anyone watch the Oscars last night? Well good for you then. You wasted what, about 4 hours of your life? I did my Oscar recap via the thousands of blogs about the event. My take, they screwed Marty again for the old school Clint, and Hillary Swank has one heck of a nice figure. Too bad she has that boy next door face still.

Finally, I read this great blog by toni pierce titled "How To Blog." It is up for some type of 2004 blog award or something. It should be a must read for blog noobs like me. Check it out.

Oh yeah, Workout Stats; Biceps and Triceps free weights and 250 crunches. No cardio today but I plan to hoop it up tomorrow night. I am out. Later.

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