Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"It was something you wife said while we were in bed together."

I am posting early today because I got The Fighting Illini and The Idol tonight to watch. TIVO Rocks! Just in case you don't know, the Illinois Mens College Basketball Team is the number one team in the nation AND on a 23 game win streak, WHICH makes them undefeated for the 05 college basketball season. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

I was back at it today despite having a Burger King hangover. Is that possible? I think it is but will spare you the details. OK, I worked it out real good today. It started with some weight training working the chest and back muscle groups. Then I was off to tackle the elliptical machine, which I did for 30 minutes. Man in just that small amount of time I burned off 500 calories. That is 200 more then I burn when doing 20 minutes. I think 30 is my new 20?

After that it was off to see my buddy the spin cycle. I tried to change it up and do some intervals. I would tighten the tension way down to simulate a steep hill for 1 minute, then 2 minutes at my normal tension & pace, then the steep hill pace again. It felt more real. Like I was out on the singletrack pounding up some steep ass hill. I did this for 20 minutes then called it a day. I am beat to shiznit.

Remember it is ok to fall off the horse, unless it is like a Clydesdale and then you may hurt yourself from such a tall fall.

I am out. Later.


cheesecakey said...

First things first: http://ledemure.blogspot.com/ just go through the archives to look for more pics. I wouldn't bother trying to read the entries, but that's just me. (That sounded cattier than it was meant, but you will get it!)

Oh my god, my TIVO is getting clogged up! I wasn't home today, so I have a whole mess of stuff to watch, plus The Amazing Race. Yeah, I heard about Rob + Amber. I liked him a lot, he was pretty funny.... Tha Robfather!! I can't wait for Survivor to start in March! I hope it is better than the last season.

You are lucky to be able to work out! I am on week 4 of recovering from a severe groin injury from kickboxing. I am so antsy I take my dog on these 3-4 mile walks.

Happy Tivoing!

Tathy said...

Que coisa mais interessante, monólogos de um jovem americano...rs

aham23 said...

Uh, thanks for the comment Tathy, but what exactly are you saying? I came up with this?

"That more interesting thing, monólogos of a young American... rs"

I did a Portuguese to English over a Babel Fish.

aham23 said...
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