Monday, February 07, 2005

"Oh man! How'd you get the beans above the frank? "

Well, this blog was started to track my working out for my upcoming "The Summer of Mountain Biking 2005." However, I did not work out Sunday or Today and I can firmly blame the damn Super Bowl!

Sunday I had to prepare for my small Super Bowl gathering before Noon so I could enjoy the Illinois Basketball Game. If you don't know they are the number one team in the nation and on a 23 game win streak. After the Illini I had to begin the beer drinking festivities. After the beer it was the Super Bowl, (and more beer) which I will get back to later. After the big game it was sleepy time.

Today, I skipped working out as a result of Sunday. The beer, the salsa salad dip, crab dip, little weenies wrapped in bacon, beer, M&Ms, beer and more beer have slowed me down today. Plus, I can not stop eating. Quizno's for lunch, Buger King for dinner, Vanilla Wafers for a snack, soda pop, coffee, man will it ever stop.

Now I am entering the regret/depression stage over what I have done to myself these past two days. Crap, I had been doing such a good job over the last three months to avoid binges like this and BAM, the damn Super Bowl kicked my arse. Back at it tomorrow? Right?

OK, the big game was a big let down for Donovan McNab. He looked terrible and made the key bad decisions that cost his team. Terrell Owens on the other hand looked awesome playing with two screws and a plate in his leg. The dude is like 6 weeks post fracture and surgery playing a brutally physical game with temporary hardware in his leg/ankle area. People are calling him selfish? Those peeps are dumb asses. He risked his career, his salary, his livelyhood, to try and help Philly win the Super Bowl. He had the easy out people. The team doctor gave it to him by not clearing him to play, but he risked it all! He played and almost made the difference. Oh yeah, while I think the Eagles lost it, I still give it up to the Pats. They made the plays when plays needed to be made.

Alright, do not hate the Super Bowl, hate Chris Collinsworth. I am out. Later.


cheesecakey said...

Don't beat yourself up too much... we all binged around here. We even went out for ice cream after all the crap we ate (which included a chocolate satin pie, nachos, ruffles and the everpresent onion dip, bacon cheddar dip, peanuts, cookies, did I say nachos?)Besides, I saw the pictures, you are biking in the snow - you are burning double calories anytime you engage in such extreme sport acitivity.

T.O. rules!!

aham23 said...

Thanks and I dont feel too bad about it. I mean it was the Super Bowl. T.O. and the Idol rock! Later.