Saturday, February 05, 2005

"Were going STREAKIN !! "

Hey blogger nation how you hanging this morning? SuperBowl weekend is here and like all great sports fans I must give my prediction.....................Eagles 30 Patriots 27. Pats lose but cover the spread. T.O. plays with God on his side and is the MVP with 127 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns. I mean come on he has to have a great game. Why else would the All Mighty heal up his ankle for him??

This has got to be a quickie. It is going to be like 50 degrees today and I am going for a mountain bike ride. I took Friday off from working out. However, I did have Hooters for dinner!! Oh wait, after dinner I took Eddie out for the Brisk Two Mile Dog Walk. That is got to count for something?

Hopefully the trail is clear and I will have a nice long post and some pics about my ride later.


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