Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Got Paris On the Brian

I just can not let this story go. It is simply too entertaining. Gawker has the story totally surrounded for all us celebrity internet stalkers. These numbers spread fast and hard, which caught many celebs by surprise. People are even recording their phone calls to the celebs. Totally crazy stuff!

Workout Stats: Abdominal Day, which was 300 crunches of various style. I wanted to hit the elliptical machine but, the YMCA MILFs were out in force. So, it was off to spin for 30 minutes with intervals. Another sweaty workout with my glasses falling off my face.

I feel great about the workout, but have other circumstances holding me back. No it aint the lost contact. It is even worse, Chocolate Cake. I had a big piece earlier and just finished a big helping of spaghetti with meatballs for dinner. All I got on my mind now is finishing off that lovely Chocolate Cake!! All that hard work and it comes down to me and the cake. Can I triumph over all that is evil and Chocolate?

I must go. Eat. I mean I'm out. Later.

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