Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Got Nothing For You

Workout Stats; Free weights for Chest and Back. I did 4 exercises, 3 sets of 10 reps, for each muscle group. Then I rode the spin bike for 30 minutes. My legs are killing me from yesterday's hour rid so I just kept a steady pace and did no intervals.

Last night was dinner at the Outback with some good friends. That means, loaded cheese fries, loaded baked potato, filet, AND Beer. Afterwards we played some Texas Holdem AND drank more beer. My wife won both games we played despite never playing. With all that it was tough to get out of bed and hit the gym today.

Don't forget that The Amazing Race 7 starts this Tuesday with a 2 hour premier. It is an awesome show that takes contestants on a race around the world. Along the way they do things they never dreamed of. This season has Rob and Amber from Allstars Survivor competing. I dig Boston Rob. He dominated the Allstar Survivor both physically and mentally. Then when he knew he didn't have the votes to win, he proposed to Amber. He ended up with the girl and the money.

Like I said, I got nothing for you. Out. Later.

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