Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Barry Bonds is still a Piece Of Crap........

However, this post is not about that sorry arse loser. Today was a sad sad day in the World of Dumps at Work. I was making a fly-by of the holy safe haven and found it full of Uncle Teds. My head spun as I tried to figure where this evil army of Uncle Teds came from. Iraq, Iran, France?? No, there it was right in front of me, suite 103 previously empty, but now Uncle Teds Investment, a family owned and operated business. As I made the walk back to inform the Pooping Friends Network of this tragedy I wondered if I would ever poop at work again?

Workout stats: Uhm, no stats, wait, Dog Walk aprox 2 miles. I had issues that kept me from the gym. Like, work, neck pain, headache from glasses, pooping issues that required a home visit, and chocolate cake. My new contact has arrived so I hope to hit the gym full force tomorrow.

Finally, there will be no more pooping talk at this blog for the rest of the week.

Out. Later.

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