Thursday, February 03, 2005

"We're going to get so much ass here... like boy band ass"

First things first.............workout, yeah man I did it real good. Today makes day 4 of workouts for this week. No weight lifting again, due to this neck thing. I did what I guess is my new warm up, 20 minutes on the elliptical. Funny thing is that use to be my cardio workout, so something is going right. After that I did 40 minutes on the spin cycle. I even cranked up the tension, like going up a hill, a couple of times to change it up. I feel good. Work may cause me to take Friday off, but a warm forecast, well mid 40s, for Saturday may get the mountain bike out of the garage.

Since my return to the gym something has been bothering me. Old naked dudes in the locker room. Most are fat old naked dudes in the locker room. Why must they be so naked? I walk in today and see some old fat naked dude using a blow dryer to dry off. At the time I walked in it looked like he was drying his twig & berries. Who does that? A second similar fat old naked dude stands on the scale for 30 minutes trying to figure his weight. For god sakes people would a pair of Whitey Tightys add that much weight??

Finally, I am a Cub fan and have some thoughts on Sammy Sosa. Weird, but I have spent a lot of time this week on piece of craps from the sports world. Ok, I liked the guy when he was hitting home runs and chasing Maris, Big Mac, and saving baseball. At the time he was putting together five of the best statistical years (1998 thru 2002) baseball had ever seen. However, all good things come to an end. We know now that this time in baseball will forever be known as the "Steroid Era." Don't argue it, just look at the facts. Look at the grand jury testimony in the Bonds case. Look how big the players got and how they will start to shrink this year under the new drug testing procedures. I will always wonder about that fabulous June of 98. Were those 20 home runs really Sammy, or the corked bat, or the juice.

Present day Sammy is an aging superstar with a huge ego. His ego is out of control along with his boom box playing and he clearly was becoming a cancer in the Cubs locker room. You can not argue that was not a cancer. Look at the trade, the Cubs clearly did not want him on their team. They begged for a taker and are paying most of his salary for the next two years. It aint just the front office. Remember, the players destroyed the Sosa boom box last year when he bailed on the team that last game. Mark Prior claimed on local radio that Sammy owed the team an apology. I think Mark is still waiting.

How many World Series did Sammy Sosa lead the Cubs too? I look forward to the 2005 Chicago Cubs and the upcoming baseball season. I look forward to a Mark Prior led team and baseball on a brisk October night in Chicago.

Yeah, that is right, I said it. I am out. Later.

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Abrasivist said...

Well said. Reminds me of an old scene in a Marx Brothers movie where Groucho asks Chico how much it costs for him to play. He quotes a price and then Groucho asks how much for him not to play and Chico says that he could not afford it.