Friday, February 25, 2005

Why Do I Love Survivor So Much?

As my Blogging Friend Cheesecakey once proclaimed, I LOVE THURSDAYs!! I really do. Survivor, Apprentice, ER, CSI:Whatever, all great shows.

Anyway, get your Survivor:Palau recap if you didn't catch the episode. He also does a great job of covering the interviews and non-Thursday Survivor news. Great blog.

My thoughts on this weeks show are many. It started off with a brutal challenge. There was blood, a dude punching himself, and people slamming hard on shins, backs, hips, and knees. I kept waiting for someone to catch a sandbag in the head and get knocked out. Angie came up big this time but, those butterfly titties got to go. The second challenge appeared harder then the first. It looked like a challenge made for Big, Strong, Young Men. However, Tom the NY Firefighter kicked all forms of arse. He out pulled younger and bigger guys. It looked like he pulled that chest atleast 90% of the way. Mad Props to Tom. I think he may be my early favorite.

Alright, I may go workout or I may go take a nap. Who votes for nap. I'm out. Later.

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