Sunday, February 20, 2005

"If you can get it from my kung-fu grip then you can have it, okay? "

As some may know my last trip to the gym sucked. Lost a contact while swimming, my necked stiffen up because of swimming, and despite swimming 500 meters on one eye I did not feel like I worked out. Today was a new day. With a contact on order and glasses falling of my face I hit the free weights for chest and back. I stepped up the weight five pounds per exercise. I may have a hard time washing my hair tomorrow.

Then it was time for a spin. HOLY crap, the YMCA bought new spin cycles, the
Star Trac Johnny G Spinner® Pro . There is a picture below of the old Spin Cycles which were not that bad. This is the advantage to belonging to a YMCA in the Yuppiest Burb and the number one rated city for raising kids. The bike rode real nice and once I get my settings down it will rock. I did 40 minutes with intervals. I increased the interval time as the session went on. I wanted to ride for an hour, but I was dripping with sweat and those damn glasses were slipping and sliding.

On the Reality TV front I caught up on Newlyweds and Ashley. Why can I not stop watching these two shows. I watched the first episode of Gastineau Girls and did not care for it. They didn't do any thing interesting or fun. I may give it one more try. I got two episodes of Alias in, which leaves me with last weeks left. Oh yeah, I saw a preview for Intervention on A&E starting March 6th and it looks great. That is right people with addictions getting help they don' t want. Sounds like good old fashion Reality TV! I think I may watch to much crap, I mean TV.

Speaking of TV, American Idol gets real and hopefully good this week. Let the singing and voting begin.

Alright, I am sure I got something to watch on TiVo. I am out. Later.

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