Monday, February 28, 2005

Breaking News: Durst is REALLY Dumb

So this tool did not have his SideKick hacked. His leaked porn was a result of him taking his computer in for repairs with the video stored on the hard drive. Let me think, what would I do if I was a geeky computer repair dude and stumbled across the video? Yes I have it, put it on the internet!!

Durst and Hilton must be the only two celebs that seemingly don't have an assistant or manager to advise them on the ways of life. People, if your computer crashes and you got "Private" Amature Porn on the hard drive, JUST get a new computer and drop the old one in the ocean. Hello??

Wait...............maybe the joke is on me? I mean did we even remember who the heck Limp Bizkit was before the Durst Porno? No way, he aint that smart, but wait, maybe he does have peeps ?????

I'm Out. For Good. Unless more celeb porn pops up. Later.

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