Friday, April 08, 2005

It really sucks when.............

You have just watched Survivor Palau and typed up a great blog post on how Stephenie can win America's heart and BAM freakin Blogger takes a dump on you. I went to publish it and Blogger shut down on me. Couldn't get back on until today. Ofcourse, the post is not saved.

Basically, Survivor should keep going with the "Tribes" and have Stephenie compete two more times on her own. If she could win immunity on her own Survivor fans would go crazy. Plus, it is brilliant to make her go back to camp alone in the dark. That is just great reality TV. Man this post sucks ass compared to the one I lost. Go figure?

The weather was awesome in Chicago today and the outlook for this weekend is even better. It was so nice I have some Workout Stats for you. Nothing major but I went out to some local riding trails. The singletrack is still to wet and soft to ride, so it was mostly double track stuff. It was a quick ride but nice little work out.

Ride Stats were only 6.1 miles in 45 minutes with an avg speed of 6.3 mph and max of 16.3 mph.

I had to walk some of the sections so I didn't tear up the trail. It looked like plenty of riders did not do the same. There were many fresh deep grooves in the muddy sections as well as tracks out side the normal singletrack line. Look dumb ass people if it is so wet and muddy you have to ride around that section and widen the "singletrack" with the new tracks THEN you should not be riding the trail!

I am having my house painted so I must go move furniture. I am out. Later.

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