Friday, April 22, 2005

My Survivor Rant...............

First, let me say that my wife's 30th birthday was a success. I used and sent her 18 roses at work. I put the order in at 3:30pm Wed and they delivered them via Fedex at 1pm Thur. Great price, cheap shipping, and great product. Only downside is the flowers come in box and the receiver has to unpack them, put them in the included vase and add water to make them look all pretty. Still, I highly recommend them.

We had dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. You know, Jimmy Buffett? My wife is a big fan and I don't mind him. Ofcourse, he wasn't there but, they make some darn good burgers and fries. Along with a few other little gifts she had a great 30th.

On to Survivor Palau..............WTF is Jeff doing talking a player into quitting? It seemed clear to me that the Producers and Jeff really wanted Stephenie to stay. Sure Janu is a lazy piece of crap who complains about wanting to go home but, let the game play out. She clearly was not thinking about quitting until Jeff brought it up and kept pounding her with it. If the producers want to manipulate the game they don't have to make it so damn obvious. It really pissed me off.

It got me thinking about Stephenie and all this she "Deserves" to win talk. Someone tell me why she deserves to win. She has lost more then any Survivor ever. Every challenge she is a part of she and her team have lost. She doesn't catch fish and feed people. She clearly is NOT a master thinker and strategist. I think she is a week player mentally. I mean she gave up immunity for half a pizza last week. Just because she is cute, cries, and is the last of the losers does not qualify her as deserving. Tom is deserving. Boston Rob was deserving. Rupert was deserving. Stephenie is just a lovable loser.

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