Monday, April 25, 2005

THE CONTENDER Post...........

The two hours of The Contender last night kicked arse. I am not a big fan of the win the challenge and be a "Match Maker" thing. I think it will leave the final fight without the two best fighters. Maybe not?

Anyway, in the first episode I was surprised to see the group of four gang up on Ishe Smith. Well, more surprised that they were so afraid of him as a boxer. It is hard to tell from the action we see, as it isn't the entire round or fight but, Ishe seemed to lack emotion. He could just be laid back but, I was waiting for him to get excited or mad or something. Sergio did fight a smart fight and appeared to take some serious body shots from Ishe. I was routing for Ishe because Jesse is starting to annoy me. He is cocky and is dodging the better fighters.

Now Alofonso Gomez is the man. He can take a punch and shows a ton or heart. It was great drama when they slow motioned the sequence where he got nailed and almost went down. I was yelling at the TV, "NOOOOOOOO!!!" Editing and producing is what has made this show so fun to watch. Where does Babyface go from here?

Is Joey a snake or what? He is really thinking the "game" part of The Contender through. Unlike Peter Manfredo Jr who doesn't put Anthony Bosante in a match cause he has a bad hammy. Peter it is a game. It aint just boxing dude. The best boxer will not win this thing. The best boxer at playing the game will. He should have thrown Bosante, the only guy to get a knockout, in a match and got rid of him.

From the preview it looks like next week we get Joey vs Peter. It will be interesting to see who sets this match. I dig this show and hope it is catching on? Is it? Are you Contender watchers out there somewhere? Anywhere?

Did you catch the preview?

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