Monday, April 18, 2005

Chicago and April and 80 degrees????

It's 80 degrees in the Burbs of Chicago, but it's April. This means we are screwed in the Midwest. We either will get nailed with one final snow storm or have the hottest summer of all time? I will take the snow, wait, the heat, wait.....................fuck it I am moving. Really though, it has been a messed up Month of weather. It started with a massive spring like storm that brought two rounds of hail. Then it was 40 degree highs and now it is 80!! I am scared.

Despite the evil doer I call Work, I did manage to get in a short mountain bike ride. It was short because it was late and I got so damn mad at my cyclocomputer I almost rode the bike into the river. It just won't keep the right mileage and speed (mph). It is short on the mileage by about .25 per mile and the damn mph jumps all over the place. It is the Cateye Cordless 7 and if anyone can help a brother out I am all ears. Part of the fun of riding for me is knowing what I have accomplished and with this new but, broke ass piece of shit my fun rating is low on the scale.

As you can see I am not really working out at the gym any more. Yes you are a perceptive one. With warm weather there is plenty to do outside. Riding and walking the dog will be my main exercise. Also, when I mow or do yard stuff I practically run, so that counts too. Summer is here and as things dry out I plan to ride 3 to 4 times a week!! Damn, did I say summer is here? Fuck me in the arse. The snow can't be far away now?

Ride Stats.....who knows? Really? I don't? I rode for an hour. It was singletrack. Several stops to mess with the Cateye. Maybe 5 miles? It really pisses me off.

Anyway, I am out. Later.

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