Friday, April 01, 2005

Everyday is a Different Day...............

It is possible, if you allow it to be, that you can learn something new every single day of your life. Today I learned that Tony Pierce is a black man. Who knew?

I got some workout stats for you: Free Weights for Chest and Back, THEN 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. The damn YMCA has new spins again. They are sweat. Well, as sweat as a spin cycle can be, which really shouldn't be too sweat.

I have not worked out since 3/22 and was worried I would feel like I was back at stage one. However, I did not and I did well. My legs, especially the knees are sore from the ride, but I didn't feel like my nine days off ruined the previous 4 months. Are you following that or this?

Now if I could just step away from the Evil Easter Bunny Delights..............Nestle Chocolate Eggs filled with creamy peanut butter. Damn you Evil Bunny!

I can not believe that Ulong lost another immunity challenge on Survivor Palau last night. Wait, I can not believe they have lost EVERY SINGLE immunity challenge. They got only two people left and they look totally beaten, dead, out-of-it, really bad, ect..... Next week they will do a two on two reward challenge where I predict Ulong wins and the reward is like the greatest ever. Then the tribes merge. From there individual immunity is won by Stephanie which saves her and ultimately she rides the crazy wave all the way to the final two. I have blogged it so it must be true?

Today I watched some TiVo stuff like Scrubs and The Shield. Two totally different shows but two equally kick ass shows. Scrubs is my favorite sitcom and The Shield my favorite drama. I totally want to be J.D. or Vick. Hell maybe some cool cat named, J.D. Vick, with the best of both TV personalities?

I have been a total dump head lately and failed to mention, speak of, blog on the great Fighting Illini. Yeah, that little Final Four Team that could. They play Saturday on CBS with a 5:07 central tip. I have a Texas Hold'em Final Four Party to attend tomorrow. I see lots of Orange and Green in my future.

I am out. Later.

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