Sunday, April 17, 2005

You Just Never Know.............

You just never know if Blogger will work when you want it to work. You just never know how that red will look in your kitchen after two coats and two days. Sometimes Blogger works and sometimes that red paint looks like burnt orange. You just never know?

The painting of our house is complete. We picked all the colors and moved all the furniture but I don't paint. Well I paint, but I paint the carpet, wood floors, trim and doors, along with the walls. So, we called in the professionals that our neighbors referred. They have painted 6 houses in our little neighborhood. They did a really nice job.

It breaks down like this: Main living space consisting of Foyer, Family Room, Hallway Up & Down, Office, and Laundry Room are Bleeker Beige. The Kitchen is Spanish Red (see below). The lower Hall Bath is Providence Olive. The Master Bed Room is Wethersfield Moss with Muslin in the Master Bath. The Guest Bedroom is Lavender Blue, Bedroom Two is Lancaster White and the Hall Bath upstairs is Yellow Cream. We are waiting to paint Bedroom four as this will be the "Baby's" Room. It may get painted in about four weeks??

It turned out really well and the wife only dislikes, I mean hates, the Kitchen. We have white painted trim and white six panel doors and that stuff really stands out and looks nice with painted walls. Before it was just a white canvas everywhere. Now we need to upgrade the Family Room furniture and get some dining room furniture. After that this little house may be complete.

Man I have been a bum with all that has been going on around me. Life and work seem to have gotten busy at the same time. I am way behind on my Reality TV schedule and can't remember the last time I worked out. Well, I rode last weekend so I can remember. I have been walking with the dog too. I gotta get off here and load up the bike. I am out. Later.

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