Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Where you been?

What the heck has been going on around here? Nothing? Something? What? Anyway, the pictures below show I had a kick ass Sunday and Monday. Sunday it was a Chicago Cubs game with bleacher seats. It broke my bleacher seat cherry! The sun was out and temps were in the 60s. The Cubs beat the Brewers in extra innings. Great for me because they have been struggling so far this year.

After the game we went to a Wrigleyville Bar, High Tops, and watched the end of the Masters golf tournament. It was a day of sports drama. At the bar I wondered where do all these young good looking people come from? All in there late 20s early 30s, looking casually hip and cool. They were drinking five dollar Miller Lites and dancing the Sunday away. They have to work? How else can they afford the lifestyle? The Chicago rent and Chicago Beer Prices and the Chicago Women?

Monday it was a Business dinner with the boss. Not just your average every day dinner out. This was us being taken out by "Vendors" we use. So, it was dinner at Smith & Wollensky in downtown Chicago. One of the best steak joints in a town full of steak joints. We started with a seafood appetizer platter with shimp, lobster, and crab meat. Oh yeah, we had some fried calamaria too. Then it was a 14 oz filet medium for me. I chased that with a medium bodied house merlot. Next, it was fresh fruit and carrot cake. Finally, a little coffee to keep me awake for the game.

Yes, I said game. This time it was a Chicago Bulls game. Bulls vs Pistons and I was just happy to be going. I figured the seats would be good, say 200 level. Well, check out the picture below. Even though it is a shitty cameraphone pic you can see I was close. Row A, Center Court close. Yeah who knew that Row 1 wasn't as close as you could get? Row A is directly behind press row on the same side as the team benches.

The Bulls took the Pistons to overtime. It was an awesomely entertaining game that the Bulls lost by one point. You may recall when I jumped back on the wagon a while back the Bulls lost by 30, so I will take this loss. They play such good team offense and it is awesome to see them back in the playoffs. Also, this just in, NBA players are freakin huge and the game is non-stop freakin physical. The game is totally different when you are courtside.

OK, I have bragged enough, I think. Anyone looking for workout stats? I got nothing for you. I rode this past Friday and Saturday but that is it. I am getting my house painted and experiencing a lot of "Paint Drama." Furniture has to be moved and colors have to be picked. We have thousands of those paint swatches things. We have several 2 ounce paint sample things that we have tested on the walls. All the colors but one have turned out real nice. That one would be the kitchen color, Spanish Red. I have to get a picture up so I can get your opinions.

Too much for now. Paint fumes got me dizzy high. I am out. Later.

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