Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cut and Run..............

So, tonight I watched last weeks and this weeks The Contender : The Next Great Human Drama and all I can say is WOW. Mark freakin Burnett is a genius. This has to be the best "Reality" TV show that not to many people know about or at least watch.

Juan De La Rosa was the up-and-coming young guy that everyone was afraid off. He was the wild card. No he was what I call a practice player. He looked good and impressed in practice but, when game time rolled around he looked terrible. He won because he was better conditioned then Tarick. It shows you how tough boxing is when a physically fit looking Tarick can't last five rounds.

Then Juan flat out quit because he was in over his head and didn't want to risk getting a loss. He freakin told the other fighters the doctor won't let him fight for 45 days, but that aint what went down. He asked out. Heck he said he wouldn't fight and the doc went along with it.

Who the heck is this Joey dude? He bullied Jimmy around the ring on one leg. That talk about having heart and crap boxers spew all the time......well Joey showed us that heart is exactly what a boxer needs. It was a great back and forth fight that had me on the edge of the sofa.

Did you catch the preview at the end? They clearly showed Ishi fighting Sergio, Ahmed back and fighting someone, and what appeared to be Alfonso falling backwards in a fight???? Why would they bring Ahmed back? I know why. To bring some drama in the house and hope he can mentally through some people off their game. Like Ishi and Manfredo? Hey, I aint saying, I'm just saying.

Who is your favorite of the final eight, uh, seven? Mine is Alfonso Gomez. He stepped up before anyone ever thought about stepping up and beat a world ranked pro in Manfredo.

I gots some workout stats, well riding stats for you. It was only ten miles due to rain, but better then zero miles. Ten miles in 44:58, 9.7 mpg avg, and 23.2 mph max. I have to check but, I think this is my personal record for the ten miles at Waterfall Glen.

I am out. Later.

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