Saturday, April 02, 2005

Final Four Saturday!!

And Texas Hold'em Saturday. At 4pm I will be headed over to the neighbors for their Final Four Texas Hold'em party. There will be no Hold'em for me until after the Fighting Illini finish off the Louisville Cardinals. Man I am pumped for this game which tips off at 5:07 pm central on CBS. Both teams are loaded in the backcourt. Louisville is more athletic then Illinois but no one plays better team ball then this years Fighting Illini.

IlliniWonk has a great site for Illini Basketball and recaps the 2005 Illinois Mens Basketball season for you here. BigTenWonk's most recent post gives you the lowdown on the Final Four matche ups.

Tomorrow I will be blogging, uh bragging, about an Illinois & Texas Hold'em Win!

Workout Stats: Biceps and Triceps with free weights and 30 minutes on the spin cycle with intervals. My boobies are sore and my arms tired and my knee is barking. Man working out is fun.

I am out. Later.

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