Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Change is good............

Yes it is. So, with that I declare The Amazing Race 7 my favorite reality TV show. It was most excellent tonight. Believe it or not that old couple is still in the game. You know the one where the guy has a chicks name? Just playing but, it is "amazing" that Meredith and Gretchen are still in the race. Still in it heck, they are a top four team! This may sound funky or make me out to be a sap who can be manipulated by TV but, the old couple is somewhat inspirational?

The must have reality gay couple is gone and not soon enough for me. Why did they have to hate so much on Romber? Uchenna and Joyce are maturing as a team and I think they are the favorite. In fact, I know something you don't. Several overseas online betting companies pulled The Amazing Race from their boards when bets flooded in for Uchenna and Joyce. Rumor is bets flooded in for them because it leaked out that they won/win??? Either way, what Joyce did took courage and guts. Yeah it's just hair. No it aint and if you have it like she did you know that as the truth. I can not recall any team ever doing the Shave-Your-Head Fast Forward? Can you?

I think Uchenna and Joyce win but I want Rob and Amber to win. However, are they not do a big mistake soon? Doesn't every team have at least one?

Holy crap did you catch the preview? Kelly tells Ron he has commitment issues. He shoots back no I don't I committed to the military and........before he goes on she cuts him off and proclaims, "You got out of that by being a P.O.W." WTF, she thinks he was an at will P.O.W. so he could get out of his military commitment. She is truly fucked in the head. I hope that is just fun with editing and she aint that cold, stupid, immature, hot ass former beauty queen with big tits, raging bitch.

Another 80 degree day in Chicagoland. Tomorrow it is back to the 50s with rain. If it does not rain I may venture for a mountain bike ride! Out. Later.

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